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Why We Ended Monthly Payment Plans For our Small Business Community

Marissa Loewen
6 min readMar 29, 2022


We are passionate about Nourishing the Risktakers

We built Create the Rules Business Accelerator around the simple idea of Nourishing the Risktakers.

How can we move from a society where we don’t appreciate the incredible risk, hardship and commitment that goes into building a business to one where we invest in the change makers and culture creators doing very cool things in the world?

We looked at how we can create a live, interactive virtual community of support with a tangible impact in the business owners life.

What this meant was observing how we go through creation, testing, implementation, launches, reformation, selling, marketing, disappointment, celebrations, grieving, frustrations, jealousy, exhaustion, jubilation, transformation and all of the elements in between.

Could we build a community that recognizes and acknowledges the diverse paths we run on to building a business while supporting the elements we share at their core?

What we forgot to do is recognize the value that the community as a business holds.

And that’s where we created the idea that whether you come in the community once a day, or once a year — your payment, your…



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