The Decision to Not Perform

Marissa Loewen
4 min readMay 31, 2022
Ok I perform a little bit. But in my own way — because I Create the Rules. See what I did there?

Let’s start with a big secret. I’m a Gen Xer on TikTok.

Creating content on TikTok.

Content that isn’t dancing, pointing or particularly trendy.

I have been entertained by TikTok for the past 3–4 years as the Panini shut down most of my regular contact with the outside world, slowing one business I ran to a grinding halt (Oh events, how I miss thee) as it appeals to my need for quick joy in the midst of work.

But I didn’t really *start* creating on the platform for my business until earlier this year. I am not always a late bloomer (Ok I am still waiting for my acne to figure out I am in my 40s) but it took me a bit to *want* to create.

I have been using it to highlight my work with Create the Rules Business Accelerator and partially mocking my work as a business strategist and coach for entrepreneurs. I think we take running our business a little too seriously sometimes (ok paying our mortgage IS serious) and so I like pointing out the slightly ridiculous things we do in business that holds us back from success. I also like pointing out the systemic issues in the world that hold historically marginalized business owners back too. (I wish my depression and autism made me money, but alas, I haven’t monetized it properly…for…reasons.)



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