The Decision to Not Perform

Marissa Loewen
4 min readMay 31, 2022
Ok I perform a little bit. But in my own way — because I Create the Rules. See what I did there?

Let’s start with a big secret. I’m a Gen Xer on TikTok.

Creating content on TikTok.

Content that isn’t dancing, pointing or particularly trendy.

I have been entertained by TikTok for the past 3–4 years as the Panini shut down most of my regular contact with the outside world, slowing one business I ran to a grinding halt (Oh events, how I miss thee) as it appeals to my need for quick joy in the midst of work.

But I didn’t really *start* creating on the platform for my business until earlier this year. I am not always a late bloomer (Ok I am still waiting for my acne to figure out I am in my 40s) but it took me a bit to *want* to create.

I have been using it to highlight my work with Create the Rules Business Accelerator and partially mocking my work as a business strategist and coach for entrepreneurs. I think we take running our business a little too seriously sometimes (ok paying our mortgage IS serious) and so I like pointing out the slightly ridiculous things we do in business that holds us back from success. I also like pointing out the systemic issues in the world that hold historically marginalized business owners back too. (I wish my depression and autism made me money, but alas, I haven’t monetized it properly…for…reasons.)

And in the middle of those, I try to impart some ideas and thoughts about running thriving, resilient, prosperous businesses in late-stage capitalism.

Is this as exciting as bored celebrities mouthing trending audios while staring into the camera? No.

Is this as exhilarating as twerking to Lizzo? Also No.

Is it funny? Yes, I am ridiculous. 10/10 Would Recommend.

Recently I posted on the Book of Face about my experiment to create content without my face and see how it goes. Typically my face doesn’t do well in the algorithm-inclined platforms because I’m a moderate 3 on the conventional beauty scale and that seems to annoy the robots and humans holding all the click-controlled strings.

While I have contemplated showing more of my fatness to get onto FatPhobicTok just to get those hate-fuelled comments boosting my content onto the FYP of more folks, I just don’t have the time or patience to deal…



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