Marissa Loewen
1 min readSep 28, 2023

Neumeier's definition of a Brand can inspire a big deep sigh of relief for many business owners. But it can also create a sense of panic.

On one hand we can release a lot of the pressure to get all the colours, patterns and repetition of visual and audio cues just right to retain a moment in our audience's memory.

But for others, the lack of control on how others are perceiving us or the business can freeze owners into not creating any content or reaching out to their audience in any way.

I agree with the author that it is now incredibly easy to create content. With a plethora of tools in the app store, you can create stunning visuals and audio in a matter of minutes. But if no one sees it, is it worth creating?

I say yes - for the creativity and for the treasure you are creating for people to find when they do discover you.

Businesses are about the long game and it's worth investing in now.

Marissa Loewen

Business Strategist, Community Enthusiast, Idea Catalyst & lover of BIG bold questions, the answers & the spaces in between.