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4 min readSep 25, 2020


I admit it – I am isolated. I live in a mid-size prairie city that is famous for a few Stanley Cup wins in the mid-eighties and for being the birth place of Michael J Fox and Nathan Fillion.

When it comes to opportunities, the internet has given me access to audiences around the globe but I never seemed to quite fit in to the stereotypical online society that transforms ordinary people into social media influencers.

Factor in, I am a non-binary, over weight, average looking Autistic person – my community of “people like me” is a bit scattered around the world and isn’t exactly high on “desired connection” list. Add in “the pandemic” and I feel even more isolated from most of the mainstream online business owners.

I’ve recently started talking about ideas I have around a post-colonial capitalist economy and how that would look on a local and global scale. My background is in marketing & communications but I have run a pop up shop company for the past 8 years focusing on fostering the made local and art economy until COVID ripped our event spaces away from us.

The challenge is I have a very limited platform to discuss, challenge, be challenged and collaborate these ideas. I need to meet more people to create a global think tank so these ideas can grow.

I built a modest transformational business coaching business 5 years ago from referrals and didn’t really need to build a huge network.

But now I want to create a legacy of being a good steward of wealth. Of creating huge profits in my business in order to redistribute that wealth and create the world I want to live in.

I’ve been studying the facts – small businesses will be our essential economy as the post-colonial capitalist economy falls and in order for that to happen in my lifetime, my role in the world is to make sure each small business owner is equipped with the tools and tactics to thrive.

So here is what I want to do. I want to create billions of income into my business. Not to remain a billionaire, but to be a good steward of that wealth and redistribute it. So what can I do to make that happen?

One of the ways I intend to do that is to make my Create the Rules Profit Plan a mainstream source of prosperity, resilience and foundational business building in the world.

I’ve turned the system into a membership program with monthly calls starting next month across timezones, weekly coaching prompts and a yearly planning session (planning for 2021 will be in October/November this year). I want small business to get used to this planning – budgets, forecasts, products and services that get them to their goals at the right price, a support team and a solid marketing plan. It’s $499 USD a year and gives you ongoing planning, coaching and a resource for building a business that THRIVES.

If you have done the Profit Plan with me before, you know the process works. It redefines how we make money to make sure the business, the employees AND the owner thrives.

I was planning to launch this in a big way in a few weeks, but right now there is someone who I can help give a few months rest to who is struggling. She contributes so much to her family and community and I want to be able to raise her up and give her a few months where her bills are paid and she can take a few extra classes to give her a unique skill in her niche. So I am bumping up my timeline and here we go. She’s not the only in my social circle across North America that needs this support. Let’s make change by giving people peace of mind, rest, joy and nourishment.

Here is how you can help me do that.

  • If you’re a small business and you don’t know what a profit plan is or how to implement one in your business, check out my method of doing it. Http://
  • Become an affiliate and make money recommending it to other people
  • Connect me with startup organizations, chambers of commerces, incubators, accelerators and funders who want to offer this to their audience as affiliates. Offering quality programming to their members and audience while still earning income helps them pivot and be of service right now. I am even developing a train the trainer programs for implementing this when in-person training comes around again.
  • Start sharing things I put out on social media (I will post a contact page for all the places I am shortly)
  • Comment on posts to help elevate them

I will do the same for you or whatever you need to help you succeed too.

Help me connect to more people in the world who need access to my brain and all the ideas brewing in it.

Let’s change the world.



Marissa Loewen

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