How We Use Mindful Exclusion to Create More Inclusivity

Marissa Loewen
3 min readDec 1, 2022
The lobby to our Events Centre for our upcoming Speaker Series, Catalyst Connect

I run a growing paid community for business owners that is more than just your average show-up-and-share community. It runs primarily on a virtual meeting platform called GoBrunch and has a combination of 3D workrooms and then experiential rooms that are more about creating a whole body experience of being a business owner. We have workrooms that have brown noise, rain and even the bustling and busy sounds of a thriving local cafe. All designed to help business owners working from home stay focused and getting their work done.

The big draw of joining Create the Rules Catalyst though is the support. We offer an unlimited amount of one-to-one and community led support in the workrooms. We go through so many specific components of running a business including creating investor pitch decks, marketing funnels, website design, content creation and growth strategies.

The beauty of getting one-to-one support in the workrooms with your colleagues around you is that your ideas can inspire others to implement similar tools or tactics in their business. But this can also be a detriment.

If someone is not at a place in their business to implement the tool or tactic they can experience FOMO, analysis paralysis and even imposter syndrome. This can halt progress on the work they were already doing and we have to do more work on the focus and mindset.

So we started implementing Mindful Exclusion. I first heard the term in Priya Parker’s The Art of Gathering and it really got me thinking.

We needed to create specific cohorts and workrooms for business owners at different stages of their growth in order to let growth happen. If experienced business owners are surrounded by beginner questions all day, they would get bored and stop participating or feel they have to spend more of their time helping folks in the workrooms when the moderators or experts were not around to assist.

At the same time, we wanted to prevent the overwhelm that happens to newer business…



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