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Chronic Undercharging: The Plague Killing Business Owners

Marissa Loewen


Hi, do you or a business owner you love, suffer from a case of undercharging?

I’m Marissa Loewen. I’m not a doctor in real life and I don’t play one on TV, but I am here to help.

From Etsy Sellers stuffing your boxed purchase with freebies and fancy tissue paper to tempt you to leave a favourable review (Can we just ban folks who don’t give 5 stars because they don’t think anyone should get five stars?) to service providers underquoting to get your initial business with the hopes of upselling or getting retainer work — we are in an epidemic of desperate pricing strategies.

Now 4 out of 5 business coaches will recommend charging your worth, doubling your prices or even just the really vague recommendation of high-ticket sales is the way to go.

At the risk of getting kicked out of the cool coach club, I’m going to suggest that simply raising your prices will not always work.

The Answer

It’s about creating the right product for the right audience at the price they want to pay.

And to do that, we need to actually figure out the price you need to be selling your products and services at BEFORE you craft your offer or find your audience.

Yes, this is completely opposite of everything you have probably heard before, but let me show you why this is a better way to grow and scale a business.

For most business owners, they come into doing this by accident. They start with an idea, a few people buy it and off they go. Sometimes they see others with the idea and think they can do it too and off they go.

But they are mostly just off and not really going and eventually they realize they have spent more on coaches, courses and heavily affiliate marketed tools that they didn’t need and now they don’t know what to do next.

The Profit Plan

More Than Half of All Business Owners Don’t Even



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