Being Seen Even in Rejection

Marissa Loewen
3 min readMar 21, 2022
The author and a mockup of lack business cards with the words Intensely Logical in gold
Do I look intensely logical? I do smile sometimes.

My first cancellation from Create the Rules Business Accelerator came a month in. I opened up the reply the person had given as to why they were cancelling.

“I didn’t know it would be so intensely logical.”

An immediate smile crept across my face because I had never been described so accurately before. It was such an amazing compliment and I felt seen. I immediately designed a business card with the words on it. I told members in the virtual Workroom that day about it and it’s become a bit of theme and celebration in the community.

You see friends, the work I do with business owners is magical. I’ll own that. I can see outcomes and opportunities for any business owner with ease. I’ll lean into your success potential and give you an extended view of what’s possible for you.

But I don’t leave you there to figure out how to get there on your own.

I am there with you — helping you figure out the logistics to make it work and we start always with the powerful Profit Plan. That’s the process of building a business that nurtures growth and nourishes the business owner so that when expansion happens, it happens with ease.

I am intensely logical about the process, the tools, the design and even the pricing and marketing strategies.

Because I love what each business owner is doing. I love risk takers so much that I want them to succeed and be nourished every step of the way.

Intensely logical. It captured my Autistic nature, my curious mind, my MAGIC.

I’m woo. Incredibly woo. Many of the folks who work with me are the wooest of all the woo. And it works because I give the foundation for the mystic to be anchored.

For the disabled and neuro variant (we all have different needs), I bring the focus, the accessibility and the permission to create a business that works for them specifically. I will find a way that works. And will keep advocating for tools to catch up and be tools for everyone not just able bodied folks.

I work with products, services — digital and in person — and that’s who I am. A chimera of support, able to transition between my expertise and create a customized response depending on the support needs of the person…



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