Audience Building is really just asking people to pull up a chair and stay awhile. You gotta make the chair something they want to sit in and get comfy with.

Audience Building: You’re Going to Get Sick of Hearing Yourself. Sorry.

Marissa Loewen
4 min readApr 11

After an early morning session with a client, mapping out about 60 emails over 6 funnels to help create audience connections, I started to realize where people go wrong with marketing and thus, miss out on building a really great audience ready to buy from you.

Ever be in a relationship where you found your partner wasn’t listening to you and you had to repeat yourself over and over? Maybe you have kids and know this situation. It’s frustrating, right? We just want to be heard. And if we find ourselves having to repeat ourselves, it can wear on us. Our brain said “WE JUST SAID THIS”.

The key to really great marketing is repeating the same thing over and over though, albeit sometimes in different ways, in order for people to comprehend, connect and implement what you’re saying. Sometimes you’re repeating the same imagery and language in EXACTLY the same way.

Your brain is still the same brain in your personal relationships and literally sends you the same feelings and messages.

Now you have to override that rejection sensitive dysphoria switch lurking in your mind that says “People already heard me say this, they are going to get bored of me and leave me forever.”

I mean, you ARE 100% the main character of your story. I am not going to take that away from you but I am here to remind you, just YOUR story. You’re just a blip in a sea of voices, imagery, stimulus and stories that your audience is experiencing throughout the day PLUS their whole life experience.

That’s a lot.

And the best way you can help them get through it all is…saying it again.

Marissa Loewen

Business Strategist, Community Enthusiast, Idea Catalyst & lover of BIG bold questions, the answers & the spaces in between.